Reinventing Nightlife


Work Less, Play More

Introducing the easiest and most effortless way to manage your guest lists,
ticketing and bottle service. Promoting taken to a whole new level.

Big Useful Data

Better guest lists

Get to really know your customers with real time information and insights. Manage your guest lists with ease and efficiency.

Make It Rain

Not just ticketing

Sell through an integrated platform. Mobile and web come together seamlessly for multiple platforms and transactions.

Sell $20 get $20

5.5% + $0.99c fee always passed to your customers.
Simple and clear.

Mobile Ticketing

Sell more through mobile devices with Nixter App for iPhone. Enjoy being your customers pocket 24/7.

Bouncer's Paradise

Bookings on the go

Confirm VIP booking requests with just a swipe with our Manager App for iPhone/iPad. Check people in and track your customers attendance habits.

Attendee Check-in
Manage Bookings
Scan Tickets
Shout Out!

Spread the word

Reach more customers in less time with our automated set of publishing tools that will make your promoter job easier spreading the word faster and better.


Our platform automatically publishes your events within your Facebook fan page. Hassle free. Simply magic.


Auto-share your events with promoters to increase your revenue without losing track of their performance.

White Label

Allow anyone to buy tickets, rsvp or book bottles on-line with our beautiful white labeled views of your event.

Manage like a Pro