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Work Less, Play More

You’re currently using 4 different services to manage your daily operations. What a hassle. We believe there is a better way...

Time is Money

All the tools you need in one place. Hassle-free experience to manage your nightclub’s staff and ops.

Cheaper Promoting

Your promoters will crush their numbers by accessing real time dashboards for better targeting.

Useful Data

Don’t bring more people to your venue. Bring better people by visualizing your customer’s history.

Keep Calm and
Fill the Club


Sell tickets through your website, social outlets or mobile while keeping track of sales and performance in one place.
15% service fee passed to the buyer. Sell $20 and get $20.

Your money in your bank account in 3 business days.

Guest Lists

The best experience to keep track of your customers’ visits and seamless integration within your website to keep data safe.

Fast and easy check-in process to avoid big lines and bottlenecks.

Exclusivity contracts? nah!

Selling tickets through different providers makes a mess out of your of your customer's information and transactions.

Nightlifegraph allows you to import transactions made through 3rd party ticketing platforms and matches the date with your customer' s records. Voila!

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Door Control

Check people in by scanning tickets or searching for names with the fastest app on earth. Tickets, Guest Lists, Table reservation, it’s all here so you can save time.

Oh yes we did! Now you can rate your customers to enhance targeting and customer experience.

Automated Publishing

Reach more customers in less time with our automated set of publishing tools. Publish within your Website, Facebook Page, Twitter or Nixter in one click.

Dealing with Promoters?
Promote like a Pro!

Promoter Management

Excel sheets will no longer be your problem. Manage your promoting force with ease creating custom payment settings and keeping track of their performance.


Automatically share events to your promoters with custom tracking links. Create groups of promoters for faster marketing.


Too many contracts, too many invoices, too much of a hassle. Organize files within your promoters' profiles for faster review

Paying Promoters

Nightlifegraph tells you exactly how much to pay each promoter based on their performance and payment settings.

Promoter Performance

Keep track of the performance of your promoters as well as the history of their work at your venue.

Promoter Performance

It’s so hard to keep good track of your promoter’s performance on excel sheets all over your office. Events, promoters, payment settings, door checking app, its all here! We’ve got you covered.


Revenue Generated

People Checked

Table Reservations

Automated Promoter Invoicing

Paying promoter has never been easier. Nightlifegraph keeps track of your promoters’ performance and based on their payment settings and check-in report you can automatically generate invoices for faster payments.

Wire payments to your promoters’ bank accounts for $0.75 (Optional).

Table Service

Table Management

Set up floor plans, sections, tables and pricing. Easily manage table service reservation or purchases from your website or by phone.


Your VIP Hosts will have access to manage their own table reservations and sales performance.


Approve, reject, assign multiple tables, add comments, and take a look of your customers’ history. As the title says, Flexible!

VIP Hosting

Maintain premium hospitality by welcoming VIP customers like they deserve.
It’s all about context; we’ll give you a hand.


Read or add notes to the reservation to have a record of the conversations or deals.

Previous Visits

See the breakdown of previous visits and spend of your customers for better context.


All good? Just add a check-out rating and the amount in the final bill to keep track of sales.

Shout Out!

Customer Relationship Management

Welcome to a data-driven CRM that will help you know more about your customers’ interactions in your venue.

Real Data

Nightlifegraph gives you full visualization of each one of your customer’s history to discover which ones are the most valuable.

Track visits, average spend, total spent, rating and more for better re-targeting.

Targeting Options

A powerful tool that will help you filter customers to deliver better email campaigns. Stop blasting everyone for every event.
With better filtering options your email blasts will stop arriving to spam.


After targeting a specific audience we’ll help you deliver email blasts with our automated email delivery tool.


Your events are uploaded… just select a template, the events you want to promote and we’ll take care of the rest!


Open emails, trashed emails, unique clicks and other insights will help you tailor campaigns for better results.

Custom HTML

You can always set up your custom HTML email templates.
Send up to 500k monthly emails.

Birthday Emails

Invite customers to celebrate their birthdays at your venue with automated birthdays email reminders.

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